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Nick Clegg has no way to rebalance economy

03 Jan 2009, by in Economics

Nick Clegg’s New Year media offensive overlaps with Brendan Barber’s message in some interesting ways.

His calls for Britain to emerge from the recession as a fairer, greener country, for a fairer tax system and to sort out banking chime with the TUC’s concerns.

He is also right to say that the UK’s economy has become unbalanced in favour of financial services. But he then goes on to call for the abolition of the one government department that has the tools – and what expertise still exists after so many years of neo-liberalism – to intervene in the economy in ways that will rebalance it.

That is not to call for a return to 70s-style picking winners, but it is impossible to see how we can rebalance the economy without a government department charged with carrying that through.

One Response to Nick Clegg has no way to rebalance economy

  1. Robert Day
    Jan 9th 2009, 11:36 pm

    The LibDems seem to have this obsession with abolishing BERR (or whatever it’s called this week). It’s sad, really, because there was a time when they had a leader who had the right idea on low pay and understood what constituted low pay – and they knifed him in the back because he was said to be “too old”.

    How getting rid of one Government department – one that doesn’t have a massive presence outside the Westminster village or a huge payroll – will help finance the LibDems’ economic package has always escaped me.