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Social mobility: an alternative analysis

14 Jan 2009, by in Society & Welfare

The Independent Commission on Social Mobility (established by the Liberal Democrats, but with independent membership, chaired by Martin Narey of Barnardo’s and written by Di McNeish) also published its findings this week. Its final report provides an alternative analysis for how we can achieve a more socially mobile society.

Key findings include a recognition that inequality leads to a lack of social mobility and that the policy solutions which will improve opportunities for those facing the greatest disadvantage are those which will reduce poverty.

The report recognises that education is “a key factor” in promoting mobility, but that education alone cannot improve it.  Addressing low income is acknowledged to be central. The importance of promoting sustainable jobs with prospects, where employment rights are enforced and improved, is also recognised. To my mind an honest and helpful assessment – I guess that’s the privilege of independence.