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Snow excuse for bad employers

03 Feb 2009, by in Working Life

I’ve just had a phone call from an employee whose boss told him that he would be treated as “absent without leave” yesterday, even though he had phoned his workplace and left a message saying that he would not be able to get to work because there were no buses running throughout the city. This took place on a day when the London Weather Centre had issued a warning to people to stay at home unless their journey was absolutely necessary.

This strikes me as being an example of old fashioned macho management. Employers who fail to recognise that workers may be in serious danger during severe weather will at best lose the respect of their workers and at worst may bear some liability if they bully workers into trying to get to work in extreme conditions. Decent employers simply do not behave in this way.

The TUC has just published some advice on dealing with bad weather, including a model policy for employers – go to: for more details … and have a safe journey home tonight.