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Weather nonsense

02 Feb 2009, by in Public services

I’m not convinced by all those lining up to condemn anyone in sight for failing to deal with the weather.
Doubtless there are lessons to be learnt, but the basic point is that we don’t have weather like this more than once every 20 years. If it happened every year then we should have gritters on every corner and fleets of municipal snow-ploughs. But we don’t – and I’d rather the money was spent elsewhere.
And how depressing to hear Ken Livingstone slagging off health and safety bureaucrats on Channel Four news.

One Response to Weather nonsense

  1. Owen Tudor

    Feb 3rd 2009, 11:02 am

    One issue which did strike those of us who trudged into work yesterday was that although roads in Central London had been gritted so that cars and vans could get through (no buses, sadly), the pavements were not, and were gradually transformed into ice rinks. It may be that this is a responsibility for the owners of the buildings on each stretch of pavement (although that would be rather archaic) in which case that message has clearly not got through (although some people did clear the pavement nearest to their building). But the implication is that walking was given less priority than driving (I know that vehicles which slide can cause more damage than individuals, but trust me, there were more walkers than drivers yesterday). As we move towards a greener future, priorities on what gets cleared when there is a freak snow storm may have to change.