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Bank bonus outrage: Financial Times sees the funny side

21 Mar 2009, by Guest in Economics

I love satire.  And one of the best contemporary examples of the genre can be found on the front page of the Financial Times today. Hilariously it claims that bankers are furious at proposals currently being considered by the US Congress. In quotes that are just about believable, bankers across the world lambast the measures as a “McCarthy witch-hunt”, “demonising an industry” that can fix the economy, and sending the US economy “back to the stone age”. 

I think the authors pushed credulity a bit far, when they had one very senior banker claim that Congress’s plans would set back “the work we have done to stabilise the financial system” and would risk losing “our talented people”.

It’s subtle but clearly a joke.  No-one could be arrogant enough to spit fire at the idea of high taxes on bonuses for those earning over $250,000 in organisations that have wreaked havoc in the global economy and are only still standing because they are in receipt of billions of taxpayers’ dollars.