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£15 billion efficiency savings? Where?

20 Apr 2009, by in Public services

The BBC reports that the Budget will announce £15 billion of public spending “efficiency cuts”.

Of course unions must be careful not to get put in a position where they deny that no bits of the public sector cannot be made more efficient, but it is nonsense to think that £15 billion can be hacked off the public sector without making any difference to services. This is to play into the hands of the anti-public sector campaigning of the Taxpayers Alliance and their media allies.

There are some public sector expansion plans – such as ID cards or Trident renewal – that could be scrapped without that many complaints, but neither of these could these be described as efficiency savings – they too would be cuts.

One Response to £15 billion efficiency savings? Where?

  1. Charlie Marks
    Apr 21st 2009, 11:03 pm

    Let’s not forget the disastrous war in Afghanistan – two thirds of the public want the troops brought home, and that’d save a few billion each year – and the lives of many young men.