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links for 2009-04-01

01 Apr 2009, by in Web links

  • powerful video short on the human impact of the recession, shown at the London G20 rally on Saturday.
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  • The minimum wage is 10 years old today. Unison and other groups have produced a campaign site, to help encourage the Government and Low Pay Commission to defend and improve this employment right that's made such a difference for many of Britain's lowest paid workers.
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  • New research commissioned by Christian Aid shows how billions of pounds are lost each year to countries both rich and poor through tax dodging. False Profits (see what they did there?) reveals the devastating impact of ‘trade mispricing’, an accounting practice that involves manipulating figures to keep profits low in countries where they will incur a higher level of tax. Author Dr David McNair, Christian Aid’s senior economic justice adviser, says: "Paying as little tax as possible, regardless of the social consequences, has for many become an acceptable way of doing business. The money lost could be used to provide schools, hospitals and better living conditions worldwide."