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Anti-piracy partnership goes trans-Atlantic

28 May 2009, by in Politics

The Financial Times often puts film stills in its second section because company news often needs a bit of jazzing up. Stories about union-employer partnerships are also sometimes a little short on the conflict that traditionally laces industrial relations reporting. So, as a descendant of an 18th century Cornish pirate, my eye was caught by Johnny Depp in his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ role, and a headline that said “Unions and publishers join to fight piracy”. But it’s not just about a partnership between unions and employers, it’s about trans-Atlantic union co-operation too.

Unions from the AFL-CIO and the TUC (Bectu and Equity are both quoted, working within the Federation of Entertainment Unions) are working with the employers in the film and television industries to lobby US and UK authorities for stronger action against piracy – which is of course theft of the labour of union members and of the profits of their employers, so it’s a fit and proper case for social partnership and trans-Atlantic dialogue.

My favourite bit is at the end of the article, where Rick Cotton, NBC Universal general counsel recounted that

when one of our joint delegations of unions and business came into a Congressional office, the receptionist said to the two groups “I’m terribly sorry, I’ve messed up the scheduling.”

One Response to Anti-piracy partnership goes trans-Atlantic

  1. Charlie Marks
    May 29th 2009, 1:00 am

    You seem awfully keen, are you some kind of Atlanticist?

    Nothing is stolen when data is reproduced. The workers have already been paid. The only people who lose out are the capitalists – and they do fuck all anyway.