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The people on the march

16 May 2009, by in Economics, International

Following up March’s Put People First March for Jobs, Justice, Climate, this weekend has seen even more people on the streets, as the economic crisis worsens. About a third of a million people have taken part in trade union demonstrations around Europe, starting with 150,000 in Madrid on Thursday, followed by 50,000 in Brussels on Friday, and demonstrations today in Berlin, Birmingham and Prague with 140,000 other demonstrators.

Most of these five demonstrations were organised by the European Trade Union Confederation under the slogan Put People First that was borrowed from the broader-based London mobilisation ahead of the G20. General Secretary John Monks said

“We are calling for a New Social Deal in Europe, the foundation for more social justice and more and better jobs. The success of these Euro-demonstrations … is a clear signal that citizens’ concerns for their jobs and their future must be taken into account.”

The Birmingham demonstration, under the heading Unite for Jobs, drew 7,000 people including former CBI Director General Digby Jones (it must be a deep recession if the bosses are joining our marches!)

Such demonstrations are a potent symbol of working people’s frustrations, and they should remind politicians that the crucial test of any Government in a recession is how quickly and sustainably they can create jobs, and how much help they can give ordinary people until the economy returns to growth.

2 Responses to The people on the march

  1. Charlie Marks
    May 18th 2009, 7:10 am

    Digby (what were his parents thinking?) said it was his first march. He could do with a few more by the number of chins he has wobbling around his face…

  2. Robert Day
    Jun 6th 2009, 10:53 pm

    Wisely, though, the organisers didn’t encourage Digby to address the workers from the platform at the rally after the march…