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Theresa May on unemployment

12 May 2009, by in Economics, Labour market

This Theresa May quote caught my eye:

Today’s figures highlight how unemployment remains one of our most pressing economic and political issues.

Behind these grim statistics, people’s lives have been shattered. We still have a Government that is devoid of ideas and devoid of any real vision to help people out of this grave situation.

Labour are still sleepwalking through this unemployment crisis.

If anyone has yet located one funded Conservative policy to tackle unemployment I would be keen to see it. So far I have identified a call to stop Jobcentres closing (interesting given that the Government have recently committed an extra £1.7 billion to Jobcentre Plus which the Conservatives have not pledged to match) and a proposal that claimants should not have to wait to access re-training – a worthwhile promise but meaningless without funding. It is also hard to see how this combination of policies amounts to a ‘real vision’ to stop unemployment from rocketing. In fact it seems fairly incredible that an opposition so clearly in favour of public sector cuts (including consequent job losses), and against the fiscal stimulus and new tax policies which have allowed recent investment in tackling unemployment, is able to make statements like this without being publicly challenged.