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50p tax rate: the Taxpayers Alliance speaks for the minority (as usual).

28 Jul 2009, by Guest in Economics

There’s a logical error here, isn’t there?

– The Taxpayers’ Alliance claims it “is committed to forcing politicians to listen to ordinary taxpayers”.
– The Taxpayers’ Alliance released a pamphlet today claiming that the 50p tax rate for those earning over £150,000 introduced in the last Budget will seriously damage the economy and is grossly unfair to the wealthy.
Polls consistently found (PDF) that a large majority of ordinary taxpayers support the 50p rate and only a small minority oppose it (57% for and only 22% against in a Populus poll, for example) even after the very negative reaction of the press to the measure.

So which “ordinary taxpayers” do the TPA represent then who share their view that the 50p rate is a terrible error?

Clearly not the majority.

Maybe they actually represent the minority of taxpayers so blinded by their hatred of the ‘evils’ of tax, they haven’t noticed that the biggest financial crisis in decades has slightly changed the imperatives we face? Or maybe it’s the even tinier minority who will actually be affected by the 50p tax rate. Whichever, today’s lamentable report from the TPA should finally put to bed any pretense that they speak for the majority of ordinary taxpayers.

By the way, for a much more sophisticated – and less ranty – filleting of what the Thatcherite Pains in the Arse (clever, huh?) have regurgitated up today, visit the always excellent Other Taxpayers’ Alliance which rips the report apart with aplomb.

One Response to 50p tax rate: the Taxpayers Alliance speaks for the minority (as usual).

  1. Richard Murphy
    Jul 29th 2009, 8:57 am


    As I note on The Other Taxpayer’s Alliance site – they also cannot calculate tax properly

    They assume Inheritance Tax is charged on a gift of shares in an unquoted entrepreneurial company. Rightly or wrongly it is not

    They need a good accountant