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Global poverty: lobbying politicians this autumn

19 Jul 2009, by in International

Over the weekend of 16-18 October 2009, international development campaigners (including trade unionists) will be lobbying MPs and possible Parliamentary candidates all over the UK, calling on them to support some key demands about climate change and global poverty. Events in schools and religious gatherings will also form part of the UK end of a global event organised by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. In the UK, the weekend will be dubbed ‘The Great Persuasion’, and you can join in.

The date is chosen because of the fact that three key days fall together on the same weekend, namely World Food Day (16 October), UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October 2009) and Micah Sunday (18 October). Last year, over 100 million people across the world took action against poverty at this time.

The end of the weekend will mark 20 days to the G20 finance minister’s meeting in St Andrews and 50 days to the Copenhagen climate summit in December. As 16-18 October will also be MPs’ first weekend back in their constituencies after the Summer recess, there has never been a more important time for politicians to feel the heat.