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Welcome for low carbon strategy

15 Jul 2009, by Guest in Environment, Working Life

Today’s Low Carbon Transition Plan is a very welcome document that maps out not just a proper response to the threat of climate chaos but also starts to map out the shape of the UK economy after the recession.

Crucially ministers say that this is not a problem that can be solved by leaving it to the market. There will need to be regulation and direct intervention if we are to move into a low-carbon future.

Unions recognise the need for deep changes in the way our economy operates, but have also warned that many communities could be hit hard if change comes unplanned without regard for their social and employment implications. This is why the TUC has called for a “just transition” to ensure the move to a low carbon economy makes society fairer, and not more unequal. We are therefore delighted that the government is to establish a just transition forum involving ministers, unions and employers.

There is no conflict between economic success and a low-carbon world. Indeed the only prosperous future for the UK is to use our know-how to ensure that we become world-leaders in low carbon industries.

That will require a highly-skilled workforce, and it is very welcome that the government is recognising today the need to help  re-train workers who have lost  their jobs in traditional manufacturing to give them the skills they need to take up jobs in the new, greener firms, and become part of the transition to a new style, low carbon economy.