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G20 in Pittsburgh: One step forward

29 Sep 2009, by in Economics, International

Initial reactions: the International Trade Union Confederation welcomed the focus on jobs and growth at the Pittsburgh summit last week (union lobbying was quite successful on those sections of the summit communique) but there is still a long way to go. There’s a useful summary of civil society responses on Kel Currah’s ‘Sherpa Times’ website (sherpas are the civil servants who negotiate the G8 and G20 summit communiques – but reading the preamble to last week’s communique, you can hear Gordon Brown dictating it – I particularly liked “no more banking as usual”!) Further analysis will follow, but note also Kel Currah’s assessment of who had the best summit, among CSOs: us!

“The trade unions, perhaps had the best summit. Not only did they get their messages reflected in the outcome document, they also had face-to-face meetings with many of the G20 leaders themselves including President Obama. Indeed, for the senior union representatives, the Summit was a rush from one leader’s office to the next. Well done unions.”

It was indeed a whistlestop tour of meetings with world leaders, and in case anyone wonders whether these summit lobbying exercises are just junkets, the meeting Brendan Barber arranged for fellow union leaders with Gordon Brown was scheduled for 7am on Friday morning…