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The Taxpayers Alliance hit back!

16 Sep 2009, by Guest in Economics, Labour market, Public services

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has accused me of being “frankly ridiculous” for my criticism of their four day week proposal for public sector workers.  Leaving aside the fact that this is a bit like being denounced as posh by the Tory front bench, I note that Matthew Sinclair hasn’t actually addressed my key point (made in more detail in a further post) that making cuts of this sort will only damage the economy and further drive up the deficit. 

With creepy understatement he describes public sector redundancies as having “social costs”.  Indeed they do but, just like wage freezes or cuts, they also have economic costs.  Or does he disagree with that?  It would be good to know.

Personally I think there is a massive obligation on groups like the TPA to answer questions of this sort: if their harsh medicine damages the economy further and hardwires in social, economic (and yes, fiscal) problems for decades to come, they will bear the responsibility along with their mates in the right-wing press and the Conservative Party.

PS. The brilliant Other Taxpayers’ Alliance points out that the TPA’s vocabulary of denunciation is remarkably limited.  I look forward to being condemned as “disgraceful” and “outrageous” as well.