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Web links for 11th September 2009

11 Sep 2009, by in Web links

  • Left Foot Forwards looks the TPA and IoD report
  • Paul Krugman on fine form (hat tip Richard Murphy)
  • Steve Bee, Scottish Life’s prolific commentator on pensions, reports that the Irish Commission on Taxation Report is proposing flat rate tax relief on pensions and what looks like auto-enrolment:
    “10.2 The current tax relief for personal retirement provision should in the medium to long-term be replaced by a matching Exchequer contribution of €1 for each €1.60 contributed by the taxpayer.
    10.3 The matching contribution approach should be accompanied by a kick-start provision involving a contribution of €1 for each €1 contributed by the taxpayer in the first, say, five years of pension provision by an individual.
    10.4 The matching contribution should apply where an individual has relevant earnings including where, because of the level of his or her earnings, the individual is not liable to tax.
    10.5 A soft-mandatory approach could make a significant contribution to increasing pension coverage and should be considered.”