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Blog Action Day: Unions talk climate with the EU

15 Oct 2009, by in Blogging, Environment

It’s Blog Action Day today, and over 8,000 blogs are coming together to spark discussion around the issue of climate change.

I’m spending the day in Brussels, at a co-ordinating conference of unions working on environmental issues. A European Union spokesperson has just told us that CO2 reduction pledges are so far adding up to a 17% cut, which is around half of the fall in emissions we need globally by 2020.

We’re hearing again that the EU is 100% behind a Just Transition text in the new agreement at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen this December, though we were confused that the EU rep seemed at first to be unaware of it. It seems that this is beause the high politics of Copenhagen are focusing most closely on getting key agreements on CO2 reductions of between 25% to 40% by 2020, and on a massive new climate fund for developing nations.

True, but if government CO2 pledges to date total just 17% down from 1990 levels, clearly our plans for a Just Transition, with the emphasis on consultation, investment in green jobs and low carbon technology, and building green skills, will be even more necessary to secure the road from Copenhagen to the transformed world we’ll live and work in in 2020.

We’re now turning to an EU strategy for the heavy energy-consuming industries like steel, cement, aluminium etc. It’s the kind of detailed and engaged debate that unions believe must lie at the heart of the post-Copenhagen Europe.

At this point, workers across Europe are very worried about the outlook for jobs. We have to make sure we combine economic recovery with the opportunities in a full green transition strategy, because the transformative  changes we need can’t just be top down and will only work as completely and as quickly as they have to if all of society are able to buy in to them. More urgent talks between the EU and Europe’s unions will be happening in the run up to Copenhagen.

BLOG ACTION DAY: Are you a blogger? Join in the world’s biggest mobilisation of the blogosphere and take part in Blog Action Day 2009 by writing about the issue of climate change from your own perspective. Visit the website to find out more. If you’re on Twitter, the hashtag to follow is #BAD09

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  2. Andy Kadir-Buxton
    Oct 15th 2009, 4:36 pm

    Near-Zero CO2 Plan
    All our power requirements are for lighting, heating, transport, and energy for such things as industry on down to exercise machines.

    The lighting can be zero rated by building Buxton Geothermal Power Stations (BGTGs) which use the heat of the earth at depth by drilling ten kilometre deep holes.

    The heating can be near-zero rated by installing Starlite coatings, which can prevent heat leaks, on the walls and ceilings of all premises.

    Transport can be made near-zero in terms of carbon emissions by ensuring that all vehicles use BGTG electricity.

    The carbon footprints of long range transport can be at least halved by having their fuels mixed permanently with water using an ultrasonic dibber.

    Finally, the power needed for energy can be made entirely of BGTG electricity.

    Mental illness costs the UK £100 billion per year, enough for the plan. The Kadir-Buxton Method can cure the ill in thirty seconds for free.

    Reducing CO2 Levels Already Created

    By creating as much biochar as possible we can take CO2 out of the atmosphere and oceans and store it safely in the soil. What we need is central planning, none of this will get done by the market which is obsessed by profits rather than results.

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