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Public wary of Conservative deficit reduction plans

12 Oct 2009, by in Politics, Public services

I missed a poll that the BBC’s Daily Politics show commissioned last week (full results pdf).

It does not show overwhelming support for George Osborne’s deficit reduction package. Here are some of the results:

agree disagree
Freezing public sector pay for workers earning over £18,000 a year is a good way to help reduce Government debt 49% 48%
Bringing forward the date at which the state pension age increases to 66 for men and women is a good way to help reduce Government debt 45% 52%
Ending child tax credit for families with incomes over £50,000 is a good way to help reduce Government debt 72% 25%
Inheritance tax should only apply to properties worth over £1m 71% 26%
COMRES fieldwork Oct 7-8 sample size: 1008

The inheritance tax question is  badly worded. Nor am I surprised by the support for limiting child tax credit as a big majority of people earn less than that.

3 Responses to Public wary of Conservative deficit reduction plans

  1. Giles
    Oct 12th 2009, 8:32 pm

    Good spot, thanks.

    Don’t you wish they could do these polls more intelligently? A good way of doing it, IMHO, would be to set up some sort of game, where they have to choose from 10 options, and make savings of 10 – e.g.

    IHT cut = MINUS 2
    Sack 20,000 workers = PLUS 2
    End tax credit for rich = PLUS 1
    Increase retirement age = PLUS 4
    Freeze public sector pay = PLUS 2
    Freeze NHS budget . . . .etc

    and so on. In those circumstances, I would be amazed if people chose to put IHT thresholds up so high, when realising what important social goals were being sacrificed

  2. Nigel Stanley

    Nigel Stanley
    Oct 12th 2009, 9:05 pm

    That would be a very interesting exercise … though agreeing the scoring would take the judgement of Solomon.

    I am struck though that the polls suggest a constituency of around half the population that would prefer tax rises to cuts (even when asked to choose between optoins that would affect them.)

    The shrink the state to a kindly night-watchman approach is not as popular as some think.

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