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The Taxpayers’ Alliance defends itself

13 Oct 2009, by Guest in Economics, Politics

The Director of the Taxpayers Alliance has mounted a stout defence against the claims made by The Guardian recently.  But I find this sort of thing irksome:

… when we set up the Taxpayers’ Alliance almost six years ago, we were a group of young twentysomething activists who wanted to make a difference for taxpayers in the UK.


Yes, we believe in lower taxes, reformed public services and better value for taxpayers’ money. We are open about being of the centre-right – we believe in low taxes, public sector reform and personal freedom.

I can’t quite square this image of an eager but reasonable right-leaning organisation with the TPA that doesn’t hesitate to provide a quote for  tabloid scare stories about public services no matter how unfounded or misreported.  I could be wrong but I think it would be less disingenuous if the TPA were to come clean and admit that this is an organisation deeply hostile to the state.