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Web links for 18th October 2009

18 Oct 2009, by in Web links

  • In the first of two interesting articles in today’s Observer, William Keegan is concerned at the prospect the Conservatives might freeze public sector wages:
    “the very idea of a wage freeze at a time like this seems to have gone almost unquestioned. Yet the fact is that the raison d’être for incomes policies and wage freezes is as a weapon in the battle to control inflation. The Conservatives under Edward Heath resorted to incomes policies in the early 1970s, and much of the subsequent Labour government’s time in the mid to late 1970s was taken up with the arduous business of administering an incomes policy.”
    “A wage freeze in a recession is calculated to reduce real incomes and act as a brake on any economic recovery, possibly throwing the economy into reverse gear again at just the time when people are talking about “stabilisation” and possible recovery. Where is the inflation that a wage freeze is designed to combat?”
  • Also in the Observer, Larry Elliot reports on an Industrial Communities Alliance report into the real levels of unemployment around the country:
    “Rapidly rising unemployment in Britain’s industrial heartlands has sent the real level of joblessness surging to well over 3m during the recession, according to a report to be published this week.”
    “Urging a package of help for dole queue blackspots, the study shows that widespread lay-offs in the manufacturing sector have widened the north-south divide in the labour market.”

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    Oct 23rd 2009, 11:09 pm

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