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Web links for 27th October 2009

27 Oct 2009, by in Web links

  • Professor Ian Cole, the project director, commented: "Having followed the lives of a range of people living in deprived neighbourhoods, it becomes clear that work at any price, is not necessarily a route out of poverty. Many people have to juggle low pay and long or unsociable working hours with the demands of family life and they can barely make ends meet. There needs to be a stronger focus on the quality of work on offer. Government and employers should work together to improve terms and conditions so that work can break the cycle of poverty and support family life. Policy-makers also need to take into account the reality of how difficult it is to find work in areas that were struggling even before the recession hit."
  • The House of Lords debates the need for an extension of the remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority
  • A Guardian leader backs our campaign