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All new Touchstone Extras!

12 Nov 2009, by in Blogging

Today we launch a new Touchstone initiative – the first Touchstone Extra.

These will be new downloadable papers available as pdfs. Unlike the Touchstone pamphlets we will not be producing hard copies, but it will provide enough space – ie more than a blog-post – to present original research, develop an argument and provide the background reasoning.

We are very pleased that the first Touchstone Extra is by Stewart Lansley, the author of the Touchstone pamphlets on the super-rich and middle-income Britain. In Unfair to Middling:  How Middle Income Britain’s Shrinking Wages Fuelled the Crash and Threaten Recovery Stewart continues his analysis of the position of middle earners. He charts the decline in the share of the economy going to wages – particularly for middle and low earners – and argues that the wages squeeze helped cause the financial crisis by both increasing demand for credit among those trying to keep up and freeing excess profits to be used for speculation by the finance sector.

We will also publish a Touchstone post by Stewart on the pamphlet.