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Stemming the Flood: ToUChstone Extra pamphlet on tax avoidance

02 Dec 2009, by in Economics

Richard Murphy has written this ToUChstone Extra pamphlet for us, assessing the reforms the UK Government has proposed to tackle tax avoidance. It estimates that measures undertaken by the Government since the Budget 2008 have saved the taxpayer £1bn.

The paper also notes some setbacks in achieving that goal that have occurred during the same period, and sets out a revised programme for tax reform.

The case for reform outlined in Stemming the Flook is pressing. When the alternative is now seen to be cuts in public services and resulting hardship and unemployment for millions in the UK, the case has moved on from being an economic one to being a matter of social and moral necessity.

Download the full pamphlet: “Stemming the Flood? – Assessing the UK Government’s policy on tax avoidance since Budget 2008”