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Perfectly formed Creme Egg transaction

20 Jan 2010, by in Pensions & Investment

“One Creme Egg please.”

“That’ll be 50p, sonny.”

“I don’t have any cash.”

“Well, I’m afraid you kind of need to…”

“What if I paid you £5 later?”


“My Dad’s good for it.”


“Hold on…” (dials on MyFirstBlackberry) “Dad, are you okay to lend me a fiver if I need it?”

“What for?”

“I want to buy a Creme Egg.”


“A Creme Egg. I’ll give you back a tenner after school.”


“You just need to persuade the shopkeeper. Hold on, I’ll pass you over…”

“Hello sir? Your son says he wants me to give him credit on a Creme Egg. “

“I’m sure it’s fine. Don’t worry, I’ll sort out the money if he can’t come up with anything.”

“Hmm… This isn’t how we normally do it, but here you go then…”

(Child eats egg. Rolls up wrapper. Hands it back to shopkeeper)

“What’s that for?”

“Payment. It’s a Collateralised Confectionary Obligation. Good for fifteen quid.”

(Apropos this…)

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