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Public spending cuts: the bitter fight begins

11 Jan 2010, by Guest in Economics

A month ago I wrote about how the bitterness seeping in to the Irish economy and its politics in the wake of their ineffective and unnecessary austerity budgets offered a glimpse into the UK’s future.  Today, I’m afraid, the future has begun. 

Reports are emerging of a major pushback aganst the first big cut implemented by the Government.  The Chair and Director of The Russell Group of  Universities (by no means a political minnow) have written a joint article in The Guardian this evening stating that the proposed cuts to the higher education funding budget pose a major threat to the university system in the UK.  They state:

It has taken more than 800 years to create one of the world’s greatest education systems and it looks like it will take just six months to bring it to its knees.

And this is just the beginning …  

“Protecting” health and education will not prevent the growing consensus on the cuts agenda turning into the biggest political storm of the coming Parliament.