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BBC offers up sacrifices to Murdoch

27 Feb 2010, by in Politics

I suppose the BBC thought it was being clever by offering up what it probably sees as limited sacrifices in an attempt to appease Rupert Murdoch and then giving the story as an exclusive to the Murdoch owned Times.

It hasn’t worked. The Times was contemptuous in its response calling the BBC “big, bloated and cunning”.

In proposing to axe the BBC’s UK magazines, relinquish its hold on the teenage market, halve the size of its website and cut two radio stations, Director-General Mark Thompson presumably hopes to give the impression of embarking on a path of serious reform. But if he is serious about reform, he needs to do much more than axe a few radio stations that no one has ever listened to and websites that few have ever visited.

The real giveaway in the proposals is that the BBC seems to have no plans to give anything back to licence-fee payers. The public wants the BBC to continue to make beautiful dramas, powerful journalism and terrific entertainment. It does not want or need a BBC that tries to do everything. The best way to make that happen would be to make a substantial cut to the licence fee and give money back to people to spend as they like.

This is the naked Murdoch agenda. Token sacrifices do not work, and in the same way that new Labour once paid him obeisance it rather looks as if he has his hooks into the Conservatives now.

It rather looks like whoever you vote for, Rupe comes as part of the package.