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Robin Hood’s new recruits

19 Feb 2010, by in Economics

Opponents of the Robin Hood tax would no doubt like to portray us as lefties who do not understand finance.

But here is the Conservative candidate for Swansea West, René Kinzett, on Conservative Home

Without new ways to raise money like the FTT, sooner or later, the people, like my constituents in Swansea, who have already paid once for the crisis through lost jobs and public service cuts will be asked to pay again through rises in income tax or VAT.  This really isn’t fair. A financial transaction tax is the only idea on the table that would make sure that banks pay back some of the costs of the financial crisis.

And here is the asset management column in Financial News (though the RHT’s campaign is more about raising money) (hat tip Tom P):

The Government has its hands on a lever that would make short-term speculation markedly less attractive than long-term investment.