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Zimbabwean unions back EU sanctions on Mugabe’s cronies

19 Feb 2010, by in International

A few days ago, the European Union decided to retain sanctions against key supporters of President Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe which prevent them travelling to Europe. The TUC has welcomed the decision, and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has backed the decision too. ZANU-PF, not surprisingly, didn’t: they claim that the EU sanctions are an attack on Zimbabwe as a whole. But writing in response to a vitriolic attack on them in the Government-backing Sunday Mail, ZCTU General Secretary Wellington Chibebe said:

“The ZCTU is accused of agreeing to the imposition of the so-called sanctions or pretended to be neutral. Our position is very clear on the so-called sanctions – they are measures targeted at specific people numbering about 200 and specific companies or organisations. Obviously 200 people and a few companies are not ‘the whole of Zimbabwe’. This is our reading and you cannot convince us or the people of Zimbabwe otherwise with your cheap politicking. Zimbabwe is made up of close to 14 million people, the majority of whom are allowed to travel abroad subject to immigration laws of host countries. We also understand that the measures were as a result of the perceived or real rampant violation of human rights and acts of corruption by the targeted club of the elite.”

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  1. Bernard Pollack
    Mar 9th 2010, 5:03 pm

    Just fyi — wanted to share with you my post from today after meeting with the head of the Zimbabwe labor movement Wellington Chibebe called, “We Remain United: In Zimbabwe’s Labor Movement, a Voice for Human Rights and Democracy”. Here is the link: I am blogging everyday with my partner Danielle Nierenberg across Africa from our website called BorderJumpers []. Bernard Pollack