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Cuts Watch #18: Cuts for children

25 May 2010, by in Cuts Watch

Further information has been emerging about how yesterday’s cuts will affect children’s services. In particular, the large cuts in local authority grants from the Department for Education, combined with the ending of ringfencing, have been causing real concern.

It has been suggested that youth offending teams may see budget cuts and that services for the most vulnerable may be reduced as local authorities ‘de-prioritise those who need help and support the most’.

It has also transpired that the ‘Big Society Bank’ will be funded with money that had previously been earmarked for youth facilities.

Child Poverty Action Group and 4Children have commented on the cuts. Head of Policy, Rights and Advocacy at CPAG, Imran Hussain, said: “Easy cuts today to family security will backfire, costing us more in the long-term”. Anne Longfield, Chief Executive at 4Children, called the abolition of the Child Trust Fund a “disappointing and retrograde decision“. In contrast, Barnardo’s has welcomed the cuts.

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  1. Andrew
    May 27th 2010, 7:53 am

    There’s also the huge cuts in DWP and Jobcentre Plus to be factored in – a point that John McDonnell has raised @