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New government: No mandate to risk the recovery

12 May 2010, by Guest in Politics

This new Government comes to power at a very difficult time for the economy. As today’s unemployment figures show, we’re still suffering from the effects of the deep recession. The recovery is fragile and the public finances gap needs to be closed.

An inconclusive election has certainly not provided a mandate for swingeing cuts in public services. Nor should new Ministers do anything that risks recovery, as that will play the major part in restoring public finances.

Instead I hope the new Government will do everything they can to build a national consensus around an economic recovery plan that not only heals the finances, but reduces unemployment, rebalances the economy away from its dominance by financial services and meets the challenge of climate change.

All the parties have recognised that growing inequality disfigures our country and have pledged their support for fairness. The test that each and every one of their policies needs to pass if they are to win the wide support they need is whether they meet the fairness test. This is even more important at a time of austerity than it is when livings standards are rising.

I stand ready to engage constructively with the new Government, and am looking forward to early meetings with its new ministers. I’m sure that there will be areas where we agree and ones where we don’t, but it is the job of unions to put the views of their members to those in power. In turn it is wise for those in power to listen, engage and to try to build consensus in the national interest.

And it’s also right today to pay tribute to Gordon Brown. He has shown enormous dignity in the manner of his leaving office, and he will be remembered for the crucial role that he played in ensuring the global recession did not turn into a vicious slump.

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  1. Harry Barnes
    May 12th 2010, 10:41 am

    Next week the National Executive Committee should delay the election for the Leadership of the Labour Party and in its place instigate wide ranging discussions throughout the Party about how Labour should operate in the future and what its major policy objectives should be. It is only following such discussions by the membership of the Labour Party, its affiliated organisations, the Co-operative Party and the Parliamentary Labour Party that the leadership contest should be set in motion. The discussions do not need to lead to a firm policy programme, but we need to find out what views on Labour’s future direction exist within the Labour Movement so we can then have a meaningful leadership contest in which the candidates and those voting understand each other.

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