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Cuts Watch #39: Support cut for homeless people and for women at risk of domestic violence

08 Jun 2010, by in Cuts Watch

Significant cuts are likely in this year’s Supporting People budgets. Supporting People aims to: “provide housing related support to vulnerable people to enable them to live more independently.” The programme supports around one million people at any one time, including:

  • 815,000 older people with support needs;
  • 39,000 single homeless people;
  • 36,000 people with mental health problems and;
  • 10,000 women at risk of domestic violence.

Community Care report that in East Sussex the Supporting People team have emailed providers warning that the government’s plan to reduce grants to English councils by £1.2bn in 2010-11 will mean cuts of around 20 per cent will be made this year. Community Care calculate that if the East Sussex estimate was repeated nationally £300m will be removed from Supporting People. As this fund is no longer ring-fenced, it is particularly vulnerable.

2 Responses to Cuts Watch #39: Support cut for homeless people and for women at risk of domestic violence

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  2. Jo Havell
    Jun 15th 2010, 3:58 pm

    How easy it is to attack the dignity and self respect of the most vulnerable.
    Cynically one might say that at least a small percentage can pay for the provision!!!!

    I feel ashamed that so many had not learned the lessons of History and put all those small gains in society at risk.

    \each victim (and they will not be long in coming) of these heartless cuts must be not forgotten or ignored.
    Those responsible must be faced with the results of their action at this time