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17 Jun 2010, by in Public services

The government thinks that its predecessors announced spending decisions merely as a “cynical ploy” when the projects are ones that are now to be cancelled. They don’t think it’s a cynical ploy for the Department for Business Innovation and Skills to press release continued investment in the Post Office and the Bristol and Bath Science Park.  The projects going ahead include:

  • Bristol and Bath Science Park – £2.6 million;
  • International Space Innovation Centre in Harwell –  £12 million;
  • Discovery Research Ship – £75 million;
  • National Renewable Energy Centre (NAREC) Offshore Wind Blade Test Site, Blyth –  £11.5 million;
  • NAREC Offshore Wind Turbine Test Site –  £18.5 million;
  • Offshore Wind Demonstration and Development –  £12.4 million;
  • Offshore Wind, Mitsubishi Collaborative R&D to support Mitsubishi and partners – £30 million; 
  • Support for the Post Office Network – £180 million ;and
  • Spectrum clearance costs.