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Web links for 14th June 2010

14 Jun 2010, by in Web links

  • Sunny has some good sources here
  • Adam writes for Comment is Free on the OBR and the dangers of trying to predict the structural deficit: "…the Treasury and the OBR could find themselves locked into a strange dance of death if policymakers become too obsessed with eliminating the structural deficit. By downgrading growth forecasts, the OBR has made the structural deficit look bigger. On the government's logic, this means that there is an even greater need to cut urgently and to cut deeper. However, as has been pointed out widely elsewhere, the sudden shift to painful austerity in the UK and across Europe risks doing great damage to the prospects for growth."
  • The TUC's Hugh Robertson has written this piece on Left Foot Forward, about the potential motives behind the Young Review of safety legislation announced today: "It is an interesting insight into the workings of the new Coalition Government that a review of regulation by the Conservatives has suddenly been transformed into a government review and that Lord Young is to report, not to Vince Cable – whose department is responsible for regulation – but to David Cameron."