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An important poll on the cuts

27 Jul 2010, by in Politics, Public services

Here’s an important poll on attitudes to the cuts.

It was commissioned by the BBC for their Newsnight special on the coalition, from ComRes. The full tables are here.

I think the questions here are much better worded than those in the YouGov polls I linked to in my rather lengthy post on resisting the cuts (though I blame the clients – both ComRes and YouGov are good pollsters).

The results here are pretty consistent with the earlier polls though. Most buy the necessity for big cuts, but are beginning to be worried that they will be affected and that they might be going too far. What is new here is that a majority think they might be bad for the wider economy.

The full tables have more detail, though much of it has a party political slant that reflects Newsnight’s interest in the coalition.

Nothing leaps out at me from looking at the detailed demographics, but others may find some nuggetts. Perhaps the dog that isn’t barking is in the regional breakdown. There are differences between regions, but they do not fall into a neat north/south split. (And one always needs to be careful about smaller sample-sizes when looking at sub-groups.)

Do you agree or disagree with these statements about the spending cuts announced by the Government? By announcing that most spending departments are likely to face at least a 25% cut, the government is trying to cut too severely The scale of cuts is essential for the government to balance its books The scale of the cuts is likely to threaten the economic recovery I don’t think the cuts will particularly affect me
agree 57% 64% 56% 37%
disagree 39% 33% 38% 61%
Don’t know 4% 3% 6% 2%

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