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Jobs figures don’t tell the same story everywhere

14 Jul 2010, by in Labour market

Launch the interactive jobs mapThe jobs figures are out today, and show a headline rate of five JSA claimants chasing every job vacancy listed at Jobcentre Plus. This doesn’t tell the whole story though, and there are huge regional variations, from 43.2 claimants competing for every job opening in Hackney North, through to just 0.7 in Lichfield.

I’ve made (with the help of some great code made available by Tim Craft) an interactive map, that lets you see what this data means at a glance. You can also plot the same constituencies by political party returned at the last election, to get more of a sense of the areas represented.

Launch the interactive jobs map

4 Responses to Jobs figures don’t tell the same story everywhere

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  2. Brian Day
    Jul 14th 2010, 7:59 pm

    Mature History graduates like myself have an even tougher time. I have to face the prejudice of employers, who are advised to employ young graduates because they are malleable, grateful simply to have a job and will accept a low starting salary that is a fortune in comparison to their years of student loan; whereas, the older graduate has picked up bad habits, expect a higher salary and are less flexible. This advice was given by a director of Manchester City Council, so I know that there is prejudice, rather than suspect.

    I graduate BA Hons History 2:1 from the University of Derby (Class of 2008), and I have not had a graduate job since graduating. Postgraduate study is impossible because I cannot afford it, and funding is available only for the absolute best.

    However, I do not regret going to university for a minute.

  3. Nools
    Jul 15th 2010, 2:30 pm

    Today new figures say that 100,000 mothers have been forced back into work by the recession having to put their finances before their families our work life balance needs to improve we need more corporate companies such as Simple who are taking the lead with offering a part time, flexible job working from home no experience required and then perhaps graduates like myself who dont claim JSA and are left off any figures can afford to work.

  4. AnnB
    Jul 17th 2010, 3:32 pm

    I agree with Nools above. How can people expect interesting jobs in a recession (which in turn makes them perform better) when companies are wasting money on peope who either don’t perform but are expensive to get rid of or they employ over-paid celebrities to do jobs that others would benefit from. Good on Simple for taking a different approach; I see they have presented it as a competition, and let’s hope other companies can be as innovative.