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VIDEO: Is Deregulation Dead? Speeches from TUC/BCC debate

15 Jul 2010, by in Working Life

Here are some videos from today’s employment regulation debate at Congress House. Brendan Barber and Howard Reed (independent economist) debated the cases for and against deregulation with David Frost (British Chamber of Commerce Director General) and Professor Francis Chittenden (Manchester Business School), with Christine Buckley in the chair. We’ve video of all four speakers’ opening arguments:

The speeches drew heavily on the arguments set out in the TUC’s Red Tape Delusion and the BCC’s Employment Regulation: Up for the Job?.

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  3. Raymond J Holroyd
    Jul 20th 2010, 7:04 pm

    I was in attendance as a workforce representative, a good debate, a first, a great opportunity to work together.
    Brendan Barber TUC General Secretary did give good evidence of the benefits of regulation, it was clear however that the differences in Employer strategy and Trade Union research.
    Brendan Barber was alarmed at the use of some words used by Dave Frost of the British Chamber of Commerce,, I also underlined the use of one of the word,” Burden” being one, another was a phrase used was “Rogue Employees”.
    This choice of words was could have been better.
    These same rogue employees are informed people who most employers do not want to recognise, some employers that are members of the BCC not only exploit workers ignorance both of Collective bargaining rights and agreements, but also exploit workers who are not aware of their entitlement to Health & Safety regulations, only becoming “Rogue” after they expose their knowledge of what is right and correct, many employers make profit from this ignorance of a basic, fundamental right of employment, a DUTY OF CARE.
    The use of figures and statistics was of great interest both parties giving their interpretation of the figures. Both painting a different perspective and view, it is clear that a workable balance must be struck, this must never be at the expense of an employee’s fought after agreed rights or their safety.
    We represent the view of workers; hopefully,
    One of our greatest fears is not just the lack of regulation, but the lack of regulation enforcement, especially Health & Safety regulations.
    It is clear from recent World events that lack of regulation can have dire consequences; putting profit before people is not good business, not good for the environment or eco-structure
    We must however continue such debates, to drive the communications that are needed between workforce representations and employer needs, workers in the UK are aware of the need to have and sustain good profitable business’s, but not at Workers expense in every sense and every opportunity.