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Cuts Watch #220: NHS Direct

28 Aug 2010, by in Cuts Watch

Last night’s rumours that NHS Direct is to be abolished have been confirmed by the government. The service is to be replaced within 3 years by a national phone service (using the non emergency 1-1-1 number) based on the pilot project in the North East. Two-fifths of NHS Direct staff are trained nurses but the 111 line will be staffed by “call advisers” who have only had to take a 60-hour course. In response, John Prescott has set up a “Save NHS Direct” campaign.

One Response to Cuts Watch #220: NHS Direct

  1. Janete
    Aug 30th 2010, 2:05 pm

    If we needed evidence that this government is not at all interested in evidence based policy, this is it. In five days we have gone from the announcement of a trial reported as ‘The (111) government service will not initially replace NHS Direct, but may do so in the longer term if successful’ (BBC News 23/8/10) to the announcement of the abolition of NHS Direct.

    The media has to be more honest. It should have been reported as a straightforward cost cutting measure, that the government is not interested in the consequences, and that they didn’t think we had a right to know about it before the election. After all, we might have thought ‘call me Dave’ was still in the nasty party.