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Carbon diary: UnGovernment unwinding green energy

03 Sep 2010, by in Economics, Environment

 The TUC was among the “coalition” of 22 green groups, green manufacturers and countryside bodies warning Chris Huhne against cutting subsidies for green electricity and heating as part of the government’s spending review. Their letter said a new air of uncertainty over government support, prompted by remarks from his Energy Minister, Charles Hendry, will jeopardise job creation, energy security and CO2 targets.

One of the co-signatories was Dave Sowden, CEO of Micropower Council, who tweeted recently, “Greenest Government Ever? Not for the UK microgeneration industry. Jobs lost, investors spooked. End of term report.”

Another was Sharp Energy Solutions Europe. In July they announced a “substantial” number of jobs will be created following a £30m expansion of its Wrexham factory. The firm plans to double production of solar cell modules at Llay, where 750 work, and it is hoped a new production line will be in place by December. But which Minister should they listen to?

A Telegraph interview with Charles Hendry (Minister with the energy to bat for Britain, 23 August) suggested that funding “may be slashed” for feed-in tariff technologies such as solar power and the forthcoming renewable heat incentive. Heat is responsible for 47% of UK emissions and 49% of UK energy demand. “No Government serious about climate change or energy security can ignore half the problem,” the coalition of letter writers said.

But this isn’t quite the impression that Energy Minister Greg Barker was anxious to create in his Times article on 1st September 2010: “The government also has a clear role to play to help create the right conditions which will allow these emerging industries that hold the promise of renewed growth and jobs to thrive and prosper….The ‘green economy’ is not just about the ability to produce clean energy, it’s also about growing the market for products that consume less energy…”

Ed Miliband weighed in behind the green lobby today, arguing that, “Clean energy cashback is a great way for people to generate their own electricity and contribute to tackling climate change. We introduced these schemes to make sure we rewarded home owners and communities who generate their own clean electricity because we want everyone to be able to play a part in the clean energy transition.”

2 Responses to Carbon diary: UnGovernment unwinding green energy

  1. Gill
    Sep 4th 2010, 12:10 am

    Unless they prove otherwise (and they have to hurry up), this so-called “Coal-light-on” government does not appear to dare support their green-minded compatriots who, I am sure, are the majority of the inhabitants of these isles.

    In general, people definitely care and, more importantly, are aware of environmental issues these days, thanks to modern communication systems which were practically non-existent until only 20 years ago. This space of time is nothing in comparison to the history of our planet but, “people talk” is making waves and not only in the rising levels of climate change.

    At last, governments, democratic or otherwise, cannot deceive the people any more. However, unfortunately for the people, which are all of us, we have to endure a “cooling down period” whereby those clinging onto positions of power and making decisions to suit their convenience in order to maintain certain life-styles, still continue to think they rule the roost. They could at least make an effort to “turn green” for the sake of the survival of the rest of us.

    It is a great shame for humanity that this process has to take place with all the misery that this represents in the meantime.

    The positive point is that it is only a question of time, before the whole world and everyone who is in it, joins the naturally evolving solidarity movement, or feeling if you like, to make a better world for everyone and not just a privileged few. In the long run, this is about survival, nothing else.

    Hopefully, however, the four main religions will not “discover” any ancient doctrines which impede green progress although all of them still have doubts and prejudices towards female progress which is another very troubling story.

    But women have proved they are not so green as once thought. In other words, in your efforts to clear the air, which is very meritorious and beneficial, kindly make sure you include females, green or otherwise, in the equation.

    In any case, whatever the outcome, congratulations in your efforts to make a better world whether at home or abroad. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”. In this case it is probably, preferably red, as opposed to green.

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