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Cuts Watch #226:Pensioners fear the cuts

06 Sep 2010, by in Cuts Watch

Seventy per cent of over-65s think that the elderly will be hardest hit by the cuts, with 69% expecting local authorities to cut funding for personal and nursing care. The results of a survey for care and housing charity Anchor carried out last month by ICM are reported in Putting Older People’s Issues Back on the Agenda, published today.

The report notes that during the election all the main parties argued over which would do most to support older people, but that the government now refuses to deny speculation about cuts in the Winter Fuel Allowance. The survey found that lower income pensioners were the most worried about their futures, with 76 per cent of C1 and 77 per cent of C2 households believing that their services would be cut.

Thirty six per cent of pensioners are more worried now than before the election about how to pay for care (this proportion rises to 42 per cent for those on the lowest incomes). Just ten per cent say they are less worried than before the election.

2 Responses to Cuts Watch #226:Pensioners fear the cuts

  1. M F Fawcett
    Sep 11th 2010, 12:21 pm

    Yes OK Take the money off the pensioners , we know they are all too rich we are told by those who have no qualms on spending £100.00 in a posh resturant on one meal.
    However the consequence is the retail trade particulary the local shops will then either be closing or just be moaning with much wringing of hands “Sales are X pecent down, we will have to sack staff” —( more peolpe without disposable cash) or of course or put their prices up must keep the shareholders happy.
    Anyone who has some business experince or running a charity organisation or even domestic circumstances , know that negative actions invararble mean, you do not stand still but end up going backwards.
    So here comes another resesion with a massive unemployed tag as well.

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