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Cuts Watch #238: Nearly 150,000 job cuts on the way

13 Sep 2010, by in Cuts Watch

A GMB survey of 153 public bodies reveals that nearly 150,000 jobs have already been cut or are at risk. Half are in national organisations; in the regions local authorities and hospitals account for the giant’s share of the list produced by GMB research. Despite the promises of both coalition partners that they would protect the National Health Service, 36,000 of the jobs are in NHS trusts, with thousands more elsewhere in the NHS. The DWP – which will have a massive workload coping with the impacts of the recession – faces 8,000 job losses and the Ministry of Justice 15,000. More than 19,000 of these identified job losses are in Scotland, the hardest hit region, and the GMB report provides a full list for each region.

One Response to Cuts Watch #238: Nearly 150,000 job cuts on the way

  1. avtarjeet dhanjal
    Sep 13th 2010, 1:00 pm

    Who Governs Britain?

    This morning in Today programme on Radio 4, John Humphrys in his usual aggressive mode asked Brendan Barber General Secretary of the TUC, ‘who governs Britain’?

    I am afraid Mr Barber did not provide a valid answer. TUC represents seven million paid members, that more than the vote (6,836,824)Liberal Demarcates got in this year’s General Election.

    If TUC was a political party in PR voting system TUC would have more than 160 seats in British Parliament, a force that could drive the whole political agenda in this country.

    I am not surprised by John Humphry’s aggressive questioning, but disappointed by Mr Barber’s not putting forwards a credible argument. TUC wake up and improve you LOGIC and strategy.

    Avtarjeet Dhanjal
    September 13, 2010