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Cuts Watch #243: Public Order

14 Sep 2010, by in Cuts Watch

The Police Superintendents’ Association has warned the government that there will be “consequences” for public order if the police are not exempted from the cuts.

The warning comes in a speech that Derek Barnett, the Association’s President will make tomorrow at their annual conference. In his speech, Mr Barnett will warn that the cuts could cause “disaffection, social and industrial tensions” that “will require a strong, confident, properly trained and equipped police service, one in which morale is high and one that believes it is valued by the government and public.”

Already, plans to march past the Conservative Party conference are being blocked because of “security considerations”. If the police say they are not sufficiently resourced to cope with possible disorder at demonstrations and marches we may see more decisions like this.

As we have noted before, even the Police can find themselves a target for monstering when they get in the way of cuts, and already the Telegraph is accusing Mr Barnett of “behaving like a trade unionist” and comparing him to Bob Crow.