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Cuts Watch #254: Local services for children

27 Sep 2010, by in Cuts Watch

Local cuts continue to reduce local services for children and young people, illustrating the significant impacts that even very small funding reductions can have for families and communities. For example, in Torquay the council has reportedly saved £6,000 by cutting funds for Friday night leisure centre youth sessions. The Herald Express reports that in June this year police revealed that since the youth nights were launched the crime rate involving young people has fallen – a trend that may now reverse as the clubs close.

Westminster is also making cuts to youth provision, with Nursery World reporting that the council is consulting on restricting subsidised holiday and after-school club places to the worst off children, meaning that the cost of out-of-school provision for most parents will increase from £22 to £120 a week for holiday play schemes and from £8.30 to £30 per week for after-school provision.

Similarly, in Somerset, specifically in Chard, youth club provision is being cut – with the youth service being reduced from two nights to only one and a post being made redundant. And in Haringey, the campaign is on to save the school library service – cuts apparently mean that the service is likely to shut next year.

As Anjum’s recent posts have shown, behind the technical language of’ area based grant reductions’ frontline services, and the communities they serve, are starting to feel the pain.