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Cuts Watch #255: PR agencies

27 Sep 2010, by in Cuts Watch

PR agencies appear to be the latest part of the private sector to feel the impact of the Coalition’s cuts. PR week reports that a poll of 100 PR agencies has also revealed that 47 agencies with public sector clients have lost business as a result of government cuts. In addition, only 32 said that they were confident that they would keep current public sector clients in the future.

Given the significant reductions in expenditure in Government marketing (COI report an annual fall in activity of 52 per cent), these findings are unsurprising. But although its easy to write off Government marketing as pointless self-promotion, these are not harmless cuts. As well as affecting jobs – in the public and private sectors –  they will also mean that a range of Government policy becomes less effective as those who are intended to benefit/comply with/engage with it don’t know that it exists. While a comprehensive list of cuts to campaigns has not been produced, reports suggest that, for example, the health promotion campaign Change4Life is likely to be scrapped, that marketing for The Army may be significantly affected and that council newspapers – relied upon particularly by pensioners – are likely to see large cuts.