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The squeezed middle: key texts

27 Sep 2010, by in Politics

We’ve been careful here not to get involved in Labour’s leadership election – and indeed Touchstone contributors voted for different candidates.

But the way that unions are treated as “the other” in much media reporting is worthy of comment, including the BBC’s framing of where Ed Milliband now stands. It’s as if unions cannot be right about anything – and only consist of people who are somehow not quite legitimate members of society.

The most nonsensical aspect of this debate is counterposing the “squeezed middle” against the unions.

Yet large number of union members are precisely those in what we have been calling the real middle Britain – those genuinely on, or around, the middle income of about £21,000 a year.

It’s also the TUC that has published the most serious analysis of their position and experience.

Here are the key Touchstone pamphlets – both by Stewart Lansley – and available for free download.

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