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Cuts in child benefit will hit the poorest in the longer-term

04 Oct 2010, by in Society & Welfare

I have a post up on Left Foot Forward looking at the impacts that today’s Child Benefit cuts will have for universal welfare in the longer term. I also argue that means testing increases complexity and reduces take up, and that the new system will, as well as being unfair, increase confusion and misunderstanding about a benefit that until today provided families across the country with a stable and ongoing income to support them as they bring up their children.

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  2. A. Dinnes
    Oct 5th 2010, 2:22 pm

    I didn’t vote Conservative, as I truly believe they look after the rich and take from the not so rich……

    I have worked since the age of 16, and have worked continuously for 24 years. When my son was born, I was diagnosed with cancer, and my illness ended my career and my ability to work for 3 years, due to the nature of my treatment and gruelling surgery.

    I applied for financial help, and was not entitled to anything, as my husband worked, and our household income was above £15,000.

    24 years of working, paying my taxes into the state and I was advised that I am not entitled to anything, especially at a time when I needed help most…….

    So as a family we were one salary down, however we did get child benefit.

    I struggled to get back into employment, and finally after months of job searching and rejection, managed to get a part time job that fitted around my little boys school hours. My income is very low, but it all helps.

    Now I’m hearing that David Cameron, who once said, he would not remove Child Benefit, has done just that. And interestingly this is not based on a fair household income.

    This means that a family who earns £43,000 each, and generates a joint household income of £86,000 would still receive child benefit. However is your partners earns £44,000, and you have reduced your working hours to suit your family needs, or indeed you stay at home to help look after your children, You will loose your child benefit completely.

    David Cameron, in my opinion is attacking working families. Many households’ income reduces when they start a family, and they will inevitably have increased expenditure as a result. Which brings me onto holidays. Why hasn’t the government stepped in to stop holiday companies almost doubling the cost of family holidays. Families with children can only holiday at certain times of the year, surely this is discrimination towards parents with children, and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

    Families seem to be getting the short straw financially, and where is our government…..snipping away at that short straw it to make it even shorter.