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Web links for 28th October 2010

28 Oct 2010, by in Web links

  • Will Davies has a thoughtful post on soaraway top pay
  • The 2009 Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents reveals that many parents of disabled children believe local childcare does not meet needs related to their child’s impairment, or is not available for the times they require or requires travelling an unreasonable distance. In addition, a third of those parents who were using formal childcare for their disabled child, one-third thought the staff were not properly trained.
  • Unseen disability, Unmet needs is a new review of the impact of the Work Capability Assessment on people living with HIV published by the National AIDS Trust. The Work Capability Assessment is a new tougher eligibility test for Employment and Support Allowance and the report finds that it does not fully take into account the impact that fluctuating symptoms, depression, fatigue and the side-effects of treatment can have on. The authors discovered continuing ignorance about HIV amongst medical assessors and decision makers and that claimants do not always have the opportunity to discuss how their HIV limits their capability for work.
  • Iain Martin sheds some light on the challenge that designing a mechanism to enforce the Child Benefit change is causing the Treasury – and suggests that without a new database to ‘match’ mothers to their partners, the whole policy may have to be dropped.
  • A new report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists shows that children with unemployed parents are two- to three times as likely to have emotional or conduct disorder in childhood. Children from the poorest 20% of households are 3 times as likely to have mental health problems aschildren from the richest 20%.