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Web links for 31st October 2010

31 Oct 2010, by in Web links

  • The Observer reports on a submission from the Local Government Association to MPs, warning about a "looming crisis in adult social care". The LGA says that more and more local authorities may limit social care to people with "critical" needs. (There are four categories of need, "critical" is the highest. At present, most Councils also provide care services for people with "substantial" needs, and some for those with "moderate" needs.) <br />
    In what is becoming a common feature of stories like this, the Associaition says that the cuts combine with the fact that the British population is getting older to create the crisis.
  • Community Care reports that more and more disability organisations are outraged at the planned scrapping of Disability Living Allowance (mobility) for people in residential homes. The magazine reports that 60,000 people will be affected. The government seems to have changed its defence of the move – originally the DWP claimed that people in residential homes don't need to get out, now they say its the responsibility of Councils. Community Care has contacted John Nawrockyi, from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services' physical disabilities network, who says "local authorities can't help fill that gap. It's a state benefits issue."