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Why reform public sector pensions?

08 Oct 2010, by Guest in Pensions & Investment

I feel I’ve been sorely misled.  I thought the aim of reforming public sector pensions was to end the brutal “pensions apartheid” that so unjustly stains our nation.  Instead it turns out, according to uber-Thatcherite think-tank reform, that it’s all designed to let private companies grab lucrative bits of the public sector for themselves while acting as a launch-pad for an attack on the really big injustice – the state pension.  I’ll never trust them again.

One Response to Why reform public sector pensions?

  1. researcher1
    Oct 10th 2010, 5:43 pm

    a few months ago unions were saying they intended to challenge the legality of the change from rpi to cpi. I have heard very little on that since.Some unions such as unison appear to have accepted the change because of the link with the Social Security Act. However from what I have read on government sites government lawyers are not certain due to the governments wider obligations under for example, contract (implied terms) and human rights. Does anyone know if the unions are still intent on making a legal challenge ?