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Cuts Watch #325: Frontline social workers in Derbyshire

28 Nov 2010, by in Cuts Watch

Conservative-controlled Derbyshire County Council has asked workers if they are willing to take voluntary redundancy, with the aim of  cutting 2,000 jobs. According to Community Care, the Council says their four-year programme to save £84 million was made necessary by the Spending Review; the magazine also reports that the workers invited to apply for redundancy include “frontline social workers.” Before the General Election, David Cameron repeatedly promised that the cuts would not affect “frontline services.”

One Response to Cuts Watch #325: Frontline social workers in Derbyshire

  1. Hindle-a
    Nov 29th 2010, 6:31 pm

    Derbyshire County Council are lying -their programme of “savings” was pronounced prior to the spending review-it was always their intention-the CSR-is the smokescreen-they also announced prior to the Spending Review -intentions to remove help to 6,000 people in their own homes,introduce charging at least £1500 a year from peoples’ DLA of the remainder and ask people to pay for the maintainance of essential equipment-hoists,stair-lifs,step-lifts without which people can not access the outside world/bedrooms etc ie.they have no choice-DCC used to be one of the better Councils it was elected with the promise of non introduction of charges-they are calling it co-founding -all decent people hope they will be kicked out in 2013-although damage may well have been done