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Great news from American progressives

30 Nov 2010, by in Economics

In the UK, False Economy is up and running, offering an intelligent and organised contribution to the grass-roots campaign against the cuts. In the USA, there’s a brilliant new website, Our Fiscal Security that, like False Economy, takes apart the arguments that are used to justify spending cuts. Their first major initiative is Investing in America’s Economy, a report that provides a detailed and realistic answer to the inevitable chorus of “so, what’s your alternative?”

Investing in America’s Economy proposes a growth-focused strategy, that begins from the position that debt has to be addressed but jobs come first: no overall spending reductions till unemployment is below 6 per cent. The strategy puts forwards proposals to reverse the USA’s growing inequality, defend social security and make sure health care is properly established. The initiative is a collaborative effort from the Employment Policy Institute, Demos (the US think-tank, not the British one) and the Century Foundation and it has been welcomed by Brad DeLong, Matt Yglesias and Paul Krugman.

Well, there you have over half the people in America I both agree with and respect. On both sides of the Atlantic it looks as though our side is really getting its act together.

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